Coombs Outdoors relies on dedicated community members to help us run our programs and effectively reach over two hundred kids each year. If you enjoy sharing your love of the outdoors with kids or want to be a positive influence in a local kid’s life, apply to be a Coombs Outdoors volunteer. 

  • Powder Pal - Our Powder Pal Program is a way for our Participants to have fun skiing at JHMR in peer groups with volunteer mentors. Participants learn skills about how to navigate the mountain on their own and improve their technique but most of all, foster a love of skiing and the outdoors with positive role models. Volunteers meet with Participants from noon-4pm on Sundays. If you do not have a season pass, we are able to provide a day pass for your time skiing with the Participants. 

  • Summer Mentor -  Our Be REAL Mentorship Program runs from mid-June through the end of August during which we depend on enthusiastic and committed volunteers to serve as mentors during full-day outdoor activities as well as evening workshops once a week. Outdoor activities include hiking, rafting, rock climbing, camping and more! Evening workshops are opportunities to form positive role model relationships and learn technical skills for being outside like navigation, Leave No Trace, and outing planning. Volunteers are expected to fulfill a minimum attendance commitment because we value consistency to form meaningful relationships. 

  • Year Round Mentor - Serving as a Year Round Mentor is a great opportunity for committed volunteers who wish to participate in both our winter and summer programs. These volunteers have the unique opportunity to really get to know our Participants and make a lasting impact in their lives. Year Round Mentors will serve as mentors in our Powder Pals Program and the Be REAL Mentorship Program as well as attend bi-monthly evening workshops (Wednesday evenings) through the shoulder seasons. Mentorship will fully take its form in assisting in school work, fun activities and more! 

  • Event Volunteer - Coombs Outdoors holds events and fundraisers multiple times a year. If you are interested in helping with set up, coordination, gear donations or event sponsorships this is a great opportunity for you! Please let us know how you would like to help. 

  • Office Assistance - The generous community of Jackson is often excited to donate retired outdoor gear to our Participants. If you are someone who loves to organize gear and photos, take inventory, clean, or run errands we have a need for help with these tasks around the office.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Laura Gaylord at [email protected]