Our Programs




K-5 Grade: Activate!

We activate kids from K-5th grade through entry-level instructional activities, such as a learn to ski program in the winter, a summer outdoor adventure program, Forest Friends, and our summer soccer camp. At this stage, the focus is on introducing kids to a variety of activities to spark a passion for the outdoors.



Middle School: Engage!

We engage middle school youth through mentor-based recreational activities. While we continue with the same activities, we add a critical mentoring element. Through a cohort-based mentoring model, our youth build deep relationships with their peers and trusted adults as they enter the minefield of middle school.




High School: Empower!

We empower high school youth through leadership training, internships, and continued outdoor recreation. Our high school youth serve as CO-mentors to our younger kids, explore careers and college, participate in internships, and continue to participate in a variety of outdoor adventures.