Coombs Foundation has Rebranded!


Welcome to Coombs Outdoors!
Everything you need to know about the Coombs rebrand. 

Coombs Outdoors takes the Coombs Mission a level deeper, not just providing opportunities for access in the outdoors, but turning the outdoors into a tool for youth empowerment. 

The Coombs Foundation has grown exponentially since our founding in 2012. When we began with just 28 kids in lessons at Snow King, we had no idea that by 2019 we would be serving more than 250 kids and families in year-round outdoor activities. As our programs and organization have grown, we felt ready for a new name that better reflects the work we do as an organization, and a new look that breaks away from the organizations previously ski-centric logo.

“The Doug Coombs Foundation has always been primarily associated with skiing, but we do so much more than that,” said Mary Erickson, Executive Director. “Since outdoor recreation is our primary tool for impacting kids lives, Coombs Outdoors resonated with us. We are excited about a new name and fresh look that will grow and evolve with us for many years to come.”

Mission: The mission of  Coombs Outdoors is to empower children and youth to reach their full potential through the life-changing power of outdoor recreation. 

So what does this mean for donors and families? Donations to Coombs Outdoors will now support a more robust, year-round outdoor youth empowerment program. Rather than just supporting the cost of a season of skiing, your generous donations will help us develop Coombs-grown programs, allowing low-income kids to build confidence in the outdoors through skiing, hiking, rafting, biking, climbing, and more. 

Year-round programming allows us to provide more consistent support to the families that we serve in Teton County. Through weekly outdoor activities and mentoring programs in the summer and winter, Coombs participants have the opportunity to build valuable relationships and develop skills in the outdoors and life. At every stage, outdoors remains at the center of the work of Coombs Outdoors, whether a hike with a Forest Ranger, a ropes course with a mentoring cohort, or an internship working at our local ski hill. 

The Coombs Outdoors Vision: Activate. Engage. Empower.

  • ACTIVATE! Introduce children and youth to a variety of outdoor activities year-round to get them off the couch and their cell phones and active in nature.

  • ENGAGE! Connect with youth to build deeper interpersonal peer relationships and provide strong role models.

  • EMPOWER! Provide youth with the tools and confidence to pursue their dreams in life beyond high school.

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